Asao Media

Bringing Life to Media

Asao Media is about bringing life to media. We started out as a studio helping recording artists like Chisai Jackson record his first demo album which then led to larger opportunities. We worked with Personalizing Pilates to help them record their sets of lessons, Mischief Media to provide them with edited sound samples for their various projects and worked along side SDB Creative on a few audio projects. Today, we are heading up two blog sites to share our experiences with travelling and various topics around food. See below for more information on Touchaku and Shokumotsu.

Touchaku means arrival in Japanese. Where have we arrived at? Visit our travel blog to read about the various places we arrived at, what we saw, how we enjoyed our time and view some pictures from the location.

Shokumotsu means food in Japanese. Visit our food blog to read about places we've eaten at, what we thought about the food, the service and view some pictures.

Japan Travel Website
Asao Media founder, Mark Asao is also a Japan Travel member, contributing articles and photo stories for Japan Travel website.